The Poseidon Beach Hotel is in Epirus, at Kanali Kastrosykia of Preveza which is extended at one of the most beautiful beaches of the Ionian Sea, length 17 km. In a place which keeps its natural beauty unalterable Poseidon Beach Hotel can become hotspot for your holidays and your private trip, while offers a big variety of daily destinations, such as Lefkada, Giannena, the Ancient Nikopolis, Axerontas founds and Parga

Thousands of visitors every year enjoy the beauty and charm of the Greek summer in this excellent tourist resort.

Distances from points of interest:

  • Port of Igoumenitsa:67 km
  • Aktio airport:22 kmPort of Patra:190km
  • Ancient necromancy:25 km Athens:390 km
  • Preveza:18 km
  • Parga:45 km
  • Ioannina:95 km
  • Port of Patra:190 km
  • Athens:390 km
  • Thessaloniki:370 km
  • Lefkada:42 km
  • Ithaki:90km till Astakos and afterwards by boat
  • Kerkira:67 km till Igoumenitsa and afterwards an hour and a half by boat


    Beautiful coastal small city. It is combined with a visit to Necromacy of Axerontas(river which in Ancient Greek mythology carried souls to Adis).


    Ancient city, builded in 1922 b.c.


    Unique in the world geological phenomenon, with the monasteries of 11th century builded at the tops of awesome rocks.


    Leafy traditional island of Eptanisa. It is done by boat the round of the island Skorpios, once ownership of Onasis family.


    Place of sacrifice of Soulis women.


    Capital of Epirus. Visit to the ancient theatre of Dodoni.


    Cosmopolitan island of Eptanisa.Visit to the palace where Queen Sissy was staying during the winter.


    Someone can enjoy the peace of the landscape with a visit to the lake of Ioannina and Amvrakikos.

    Rivers – Rafting

    The famous rivers from the ancient years of Axerontas and Araxthos rivers are ideal not only for magical and peaceful moments but also for intense passions because they often attract fans of rafting.