Preveza Poseidon Beach Hotel


Unique stay at Poseidon Beach Hotel in Preveza.

Experience the beautiful sights of Preveza and the areas surrounding it.

Go on a cruise in the Ambracian Gulf, if you enjoy the sea and its nature.

Explore the nature around Acheron River, if you like adventure.

Visit the historic Zalogos, for an exquisite view and a deep dive in Greek history.

Go for a swim at the Monolithi beach, one of the “Safest Beaches in Europe for a Summer Holiday in 2020”.

If you want to stay in Preveza, the town will meet all your needs!

Visit the Sights

The Prefecture of Preveza is full of wonderful sights! The Ambracian Gulf has unique beaches, others with beach bars and others more private.

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Cruises in the Ambracian Gulf

Explore the beauty of the Ambracian Gulf with organized cruises. Enjoy the crystal clear waters of the Greek sea under the warmth of the Greek sun.

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Acheron River

Greece has many magical rivers surrounded by mountains and greenery, all breath taking for the travelers.

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Visit Zalogos

The mountain Zalogos is located 20 km northwest of Preveza. It is the location where the “Dance of Zalogo” took place during the Turkish occupation in Greece.

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Monolithi Beach

Visit Monolithi Beach with the crystal clear waters and the sandy beach. It extends along the west coast of the Prefecture of Preveza.

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The Town of Preveza

You do not have to travel far to experience an island-like way of vacation, if you are in Preveza.

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