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The mountain Zalongo is located 20 km northwest of Preveza. It is the location where the “Dance of Zalongo” took place during the Turkish occupation in Greece. Women with their children killed themselves by falling off the cliff, in order to avoid captivity. To honor their sacrifice, people built a statue depicting six women in the area.

The monumental complex at the top of Mount Zalongo stands haughtily and carries around the world a global message of sacrifice and freedom.

The international symbolism of the sacrifice of women in Zalongo, is a center of interest for historians, writers and politicians around the world, appears in world masterpieces of art. Also, it has made Preveza and Souli world famous.

The Monument of Zalongos

The Monument of Zalongos stands at the top of the homonymous mountain at an altitude of 765 meters. It depicts on a stone base, 4 giant abstract figures of the Souliotissa and has a reference to the sacrifice of Zalongos . In 1803 the Souliotisses (about 60 in number according to historical sources) surrounded in Zalongo by the Ottoman army, preferred to fall with their babies on the cliff and be sacrificed, rather than live a life of captivity and disgrace. According to historical legend, they danced before falling off a cliff, something that was later captured and praised by world literature.

The famous sculptor George Zongolopoulos worked on the construction of the Monument from 1954 to 1960. The inauguration took place on June 11, 1961, in the presence of King Paul, Queen Frederick, the metropolitans of all Epirus and other officials.

You can combine the visit to the Monument of Zalongos with a visit to the Archaeological site of Kassopi.

The nature surrounding the monument and on the way there will certainly enchant you! Zalongo is located next to the village of Kamarina that has an altitude of 650m. To reach the monument, visitors will enjoy a 400 step walk through a long path from the Monastery of Agios Dimitrios.

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