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Monolithi beach the largest beach in Europe

Monolithi beach is the largest beach in Europe and one of the safest.

The European Best Destinations Organization (EBD) falls under the European Commission’s EDEN Network (“European Destinations of Excellence”). Thus, it is dedicated to promote sustainable tourism in the continent, has selected the safest beaches in Europe post-Covid-19.

The selection is based on various criteria. To name a few: low ratio of coronavirus infection, (from 10- to 600-times fewer cases), the size of the beaches and the number of square meters available on the beach per person.

These destinations have also been selected because of their large offer of private villas, tourist apartments. Also, of their small or medium-sized hotels with specific health charters and commitments to travelers. For istance, cleaning and room disinfection service after each stay and respect for social distancing.

They’re also located near hospitals that have not suffered overcrowding during the crisis, with an average of hospital beds per inhabitant above the European average.

From Greece and Portugal to Lithuania and Poland, the list include the longest beaches. Some of them more than 100 kilometers, where “even at the peak of the season, keeping your distance will not be a problem, for safe holidays.”


One of the European countries least affected by coronavirus (up to 50 times fewer cases than any other European country) is Greece. Greece already has taken many safety and health measures into account, shops and restaurants. For example, they change air conditioner filters after each stay. Moreover, a distance of four meters is compulsory between each beach umbrella.

“Known for its excellent value for money, Preveza, in the northwestern side of the country at the mouth of the Ambracian Gulf, is called the ‘anti-St. Tropez: hotel, restaurants and café charges are affordable and this summer the deckchairs are free (and cleaned between each traveller). Greece has also cut taxes on flights, trains, buses and many services to attract travelers,” EBD reports.

Monolithi beach, the main beach of Preveza, is 22 kilometers long and up to 80 meters wide. This beach longest and largest in Europe.


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