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Monolithi Beach

Visit Monolithi Beach in Preveza with the crystal clear waters and the sandy beach. It extends along the west coast of the Prefecture of Preveza. The name of the beach “Monolithos” means “Single Stone” and comes from a large stone 10x10m in the middle of the sea. The stone was destroyed by German and Italian soldiers in 1942 but the name remained the same.

The coastline is 70 kilometers long and extends from the Village Mytikas to the Village Kastrosykia. The sandy part of the beach is 25 kilometers long and it is the longest sandy beach of the European Union. The crystal clear blue waters will definitely enchant you, while the greenery surrounding the area offers a great environment. The view from the beach is a unique experience!

In 2020, the European Best Destinations (EBD) organization released a list of the safest beaches for summer holidays. Thus, the Monolithi beach in Preveza ranked first as the “Safest Beach in Europe for a Summer Holiday in 2020”. Monolithi beach in Preveza is 22 kilometers long and up to 80 meters wide.

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